• Implanted Stent
  • Gearbox
  • Hyperelastic Membrane with Self Contact
  • 2 Way FSI
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Drogue Parachute System
  • HFSS of CPU
  • High Power Connector
  • ICEM Mesh Types
  • Maxwell analysis of transformer
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Pre-tensioned bolt
  • Solenoid magentic field analysis

CADFEM Ireland Training Program

We are pleased to provide a range of training offerings to suit your simulation needs - these include standard training courses, customer application focused training and one-on-one basic or advanced training.

Standard Training Courses

Scheduled standard training courses are open to all customers and are held at our bespoke training facility.

Charged at €500 per person per day (which includes electronic copies of all course material, worked examples, lunch & light refreshments) these courses are ideal for developing a broad understanding of how to apply our simulation products across a range of analysis disciplines

Customer Application Focused Training

Depending on your particular analysis requirements it may be more appropriate for us to design specific training to precisely match your analysis needs.

Two common examples are ‘Customised Training’ and ‘Consultative Training’

Customised Training courses can be run at our bespoke facility (no day to day interruptions guaranteeing your full attention is being dedicated to your training!) or on-site at your offices (allowing you to keep in touch with day to day activity while developing your simulation skills!).

Learning material is prepared and presented to suit your application and delivered through a series of presentations and worked examples.

For example:

                “Simulating Drop Testing of Mobile Phones”

                “Modelling Flexible Flush End Plate Connections for Steel Structures”

Charged at €2000 per day (plus expenses if delivered on site), these courses are open only to the commissioning customer and typically offered to five attendees at a time.

Consultative Training is undertaken in two stages. In the first stage, you provide us with a brief for a simulation (including geometry, loading, analysis objective) at which stage we’d build your model, set-up and execute the analysis. Once the simulation is established and validated we meet for a technology transfer stage during which the various analysis stages, concepts, limitations, outcomes, conclusions are discussed in detail. All analysis data and files are then available to you for further similar applications. Given the potential varying complexity of such training, quotations are provided on a case by case basis.

One-to-One Training is a 1-to-1 training or ‘Pop-in’  training which might be considered as an ‘analysis consultation’. Typically we’ll meet for a day or half day, no up-front preparation, and discuss an analysis application, debug an existing simulation, cover a simulation feature (eg. modeling plasticity, modeling contact) etc. This open structured 1-to-1 training is charged at €500 per half day.