• Implanted Stent
  • Gearbox
  • Hyperelastic Membrane with Self Contact
  • 2 Way FSI
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Drogue Parachute System
  • HFSS of CPU
  • High Power Connector
  • ICEM Mesh Types
  • Maxwell analysis of transformer
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Pre-tensioned bolt
  • Solenoid magentic field analysis

Engineering Simulation for the 21st Century


For 40 years, ANSYS Simulation Software has been pioneering the application of finite element methods to solve the most complex range of engineering design challenges.

The success of the ANSYS Technologies is based on the unequalled depth, unparalleled breadth, comprehensive multiphysics, engineered scalability, and its adaptive architecture.

The latest release ANSYS 14.0

  • delivers advanced technology in all key simulation areas
  • enables complete virtual prototyping for an imperative advantage
  • compresses design and development - saving both time and money
  • is designed for engineering collaboration

ANSYS 14.0 delivers innovative, dramatic simulation technology advances in every major physics discipline, along with improvements in computing speed and enhancements to enabling technologies such as geometry handling, meshing and post-processing.

These advancements alone represent a major step forward on the path forward in Simulation Driven Product Development. But ANSYS has reached even further by delivering all this technology in an innovative simulation framework, ANSYS Workbench 2.0.

Video Transcription

Fast & Reliable CFD Solutions from ANSYS

CFD INSIGHT – ANSYS Leadership Series

“Today most companies rely on using engineering simulation to help at least some aspects of product development.” – Greg Fallon (0:04) 

“At ANSYS we understand that most important thing to our customers is the overall time to solution. And that solution has to be accurate. “– Nelson Carter (0:10)

“If deployed the right way simulation can help companies see dramatic improvements across the product development and many factory processes.” – Greg Fallon (0:16)

“We continue to enhance the improvement of the accuracy of our solvers, the accuracy of physical modeling capability.” – Nelson Carter (0:25)

“Reduced development time, reduced cost, improved product quality are all potential outcomes of using simulation the right way.” – Greg Fallon (0:30)

ANSYS DELIVERS Fast and Reliable CFD Solutions
“To truly add value and increase company competitiveness, the simulation tools they choose must be fast and highly accurate…” – Greg Fallon (0:40)
“Simulation tools that are FAST AND ACCURATE” Greg Fallon - (0:49) Director of Strategy, ANSYS

“At ANSYS, our focus is to develop products that help our customers minimize the total time to a reliable solution.”
Nelson Carter – (0:56) Director of Fluid Systems Development, ANSYS

“We focus on our customers, we try to listen to our customers and we really respond to their needs. Typically this follows the 3 main categories, the areas of efficiency, robustness and accuracy.”

“Efficiency, robustness ACCURACY”

“Other vendors promise fast CFD problem set up and meshing, but often compromise accuracy. ANSYS delivers both, our CFD solvers have been the industry’s standard for decades and offers uncompromised reliability” – Greg Fallon (1:07)

“ANSYS delivers without COMPROMISE”

“Uncompromising RELIABILITY”

“We’ve been able to deliver enough of our CFD knowledge base to bring in pseudo transient capability into the fluent solver in R13. We are very excited about that. It should create improve the robustness of the simulation for our clients.” – Nelson Carter (1:20)

“Our tools are highly CUSTOMIZABLE”
“Our tools are highly customized and are built with extensibility in mind.” – Greg Fallon (1:32)

“We have improvements to our robustness of our solvers on meshes of poor quality. We just don’t ignore cells that are highly skewed or twisted. We actually have adjusted numerics that allow the calculation to be performed on those cells. “– Nelson Carter (1:36) 

“We don’t just ignore SKEWED CELLS”
“Whether it’s embedding into early the part of the design process and connecting to CAD or connecting to other one dimensional tools that engineers may be using to get quick and fast solutions.” – Greg Fallon (1:49)

“We also have enhancements to our linear equation solvers to improve robustness there.” – Nelson Carter (1:59)
“Improved linear equation SOLVER”
“Or whether it’s developing deep physical models that are part of the core validation piece of a product development process, we have got everything.” – Greg Fallon (2:03)
“Mercury Marine is a WORLD LEADER”
Scott Morton – (2:11)
Technical Specialist in CFD, Mercury Marine

“Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corporation and we are one of the world wide leaders in marine and pleasure boating. We use ANSYS for a few reasons: it does provide accurate solutions, we’ve found that - we’ve gone through validation cases and find that we get accurate solutions. It is user friendly, with a nice interface and the technical support is very good. Time the market is very important for mercury marine like many companies and using simulation helps us certainly get to market sooner. We’re able to optimize the design very rapidly.”
“It is fantastic working with customers that are really pushing the envelope in simulations. We have customers such as Red Bull that are using very large scale simulations and need very fast turnaround times. They need a higher degree of accuracy and they are under a great deal of pressure when they are trying to do these simulations.” – Nelson Carter (2:41)

Steve Nevey – (2:59)
Red Bull Technology 

“The ANSYS Software is incredibly reliable and very accurate. First and foremost it enables us to reduce lead times drastically. Lets us get solutions to the circuit much much quicker making us more competitive race by race.” - Steve Nevey, Red Bull Technology.

“We have the new combined MPI, open MPI capabilities to allow our customers to take advantage of their multicore architectures. We continually work with our customers who are doing billion cell calculations routinely on large scale clusters” – Nelson Carter (3:14)


“We try to uncover new details that impact product design and product performance.” – Greg Fallon (3:28)

“We understand that it is very important to our clients that they have a solution that they can depend on, and that they also get that solution quickly.” – Nelson Carter (3:34)

“Customers get their solution QUICKLY"

“So that our customers in companies that develop products can get to the next level of product quality, can develop new products that are more efficient that meet their own customer demands better than anybody else.” – Greg Fallon (3:41)