• Implanted Stent
  • Gearbox
  • Hyperelastic Membrane with Self Contact
  • 2 Way FSI
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Drogue Parachute System
  • HFSS of CPU
  • High Power Connector
  • ICEM Mesh Types
  • Maxwell analysis of transformer
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Pre-tensioned bolt
  • Solenoid magentic field analysis

Global Alliances

CADFEM Ireland is the ANSYS Channel Partner in Ireland

ANSYS LogoTechnology is the lifeblood of ANSYS, Inc. and the basis for everything it offers customers. For 40 years, ANSYS has been the pioneer in the application of finite element methods to solve the engineering design challenges its customers face. How have ANSYS achieved this 40-year run of groundbreaking achievement in engineering simulation and modeling? Staying true to its vision and strategy has certainly been a major factor. Unlike others, ANSYS has never wavered from its core business of engineering simulation software. Instrumental to its success are the five principles used to guide the development of our products and technology: unequalled depth, unparalleled breadth, comprehensive multiphysics, engineered scalability, and adaptive architecture.

CADFEM Ireland has offered the full suite of ANSYS products, along with consultancy services, support and training since the partnership began in 1997. 

CADFEM Ireland is a Founding Member of TechNet Alliance

TechNet AllianceCADFEM Ireland has been an active Charter Member of the TechNet Alliance and a Member of the Board of Technology Network Alliance AG since 1999. As a relatively small Computer Aided Engineering consultancy  firm, CADFEM Ireland benefits from a global and reliable Network of 2500 CAE experts and the availability of their expertise. At the bi-annual Member Meetings that traditionally serve as a forum to exchange latest news and developments in the CAE Market, CADFEM Ireland took the opportunity on several occasions to present its strong expertise in the fields of medical devices and internet delivery of vertical applications. In this way, several valuable business relationships of mutual interest could be established through the years.

CADFEM Ireland is the EASA Channel Partner in Ireland

EASA LogoEASA is a state-of-the-art, codeless application development platform, enabling custom solutions for industries as diverse as financial services, health care, communications, energy, and manufacturing. EASA enables creation of highly tailored, web-enabled applications which make your existing software easier to use, easier to access, and easier to control - without writing a single line of code. Imagine being able to leverage the software already in use at your company with custom interfaces tailored to each of your company's specific processes, accessible from any device with a browser - including mobile devices. Best of all, with EASA's patented Application Builder, you can create tools specific to your needs, on-demand, and without the time and cost associated with teams of programmers.


BCMM Logo BCMM offers consultancy in applied mathematical methods, ranging from mathematical modelling of technical and natural systems to design of efficient algorithms and implementation of powerful software. CMM's specialties include geometric computing, mesh generation and manipulation, geometry processing for medical simulation and generic programming.