• Implanted Stent
  • Gearbox
  • Hyperelastic Membrane with Self Contact
  • 2 Way FSI
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Drogue Parachute System
  • HFSS of CPU
  • High Power Connector
  • ICEM Mesh Types
  • Maxwell analysis of transformer
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Pre-tensioned bolt
  • Solenoid magentic field analysis


From CAD to mesh generation for analysis, ANSYS ICEM CFD  provides sophisticated geometry acquisition, mesh generation, mesh editing, a wide variety of solver outputs and post-processing. ANSYS ICEM CFD is the only Universal pre-processor for analysis including FEA, CFD and other CAE applications such as particle transport and computational electro-magnetics. Used for engineering applications such as computational fluid dynamics and structural analysis, ANSYS ICEM CFD's mesh generation tools offer the capability to parametrically create grids from geometry in multi-block structured, unstructured hexahedral, tetrahedral, hybrid grids consisting of hexahedral, tetrahedral, pyramidal and prismatic cells; and Cartesian grid formats combined with boundary conditions. ANSYS ICEM CFD is the swiss army knife of meshing, our product vision is to provide a variety of flexible tools that can generate "any" type of mesh on "any" type of geometry for "any" solver or "any" application.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive built-in geometry creation and highly automated functionality for the modification and repair of imported CAD data
  • Ability to work with both NURBs and faceted geometry types like STL or existing meshes
  • Robust tools for creating all mesh types: hexahedral, tetrahedral, prism, pyramid, quad, tri or bar elements
  • Highly tolerant of imperfect/overdetailed CAD data containing sliver surfaces, gaps, holes and overlaps (Patch Independence)
  • Smoothing, coarsening, refinement, element type conversion, linear or quadratic element support
  • More than 100 CFD/CAE solver interface formats
  • File based transfer of CFD and structural results for Fluid structure interaction simulations
  • Automated batch processing through an intuitive scripting framework