• Implanted Stent
  • Gearbox
  • Hyperelastic Membrane with Self Contact
  • 2 Way FSI
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Drogue Parachute System
  • HFSS of CPU
  • High Power Connector
  • ICEM Mesh Types
  • Maxwell analysis of transformer
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Pre-tensioned bolt
  • Solenoid magentic field analysis

ANSYS 14.0 Presentation Day

ANSYS 14.0, the latest release of ANSYS, offers you many new and advanced features for your engineering and product design & development work.

The advances in ANSYS 14.0 have been developed with guidance from the most innovative ANSYS users in different industries.

CADFEM Ireland would like to show you these new features and functionalities during our upcoming ANSYS Presentation Days.

You are cordially invited to join our program, which we will host in the CADFEM Ireland office in Dublin 2. Attendance is free.

Places are limited, so please register ASAP.

Preliminary Agenda:
1. New Features in ANSYS V14.0
2. ANSYS Workbench Workflow
3. ANSYS Workbench Parametric Studies
4. ANSYS HPC (Parallel Computing)
5. ANSYS and Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2 -  http://aws.amazon.com/ )
Questions & Discussion

We hope to welcome you to our hands-on meeting on the use of ANSYS !