• Implanted Stent
  • Gearbox
  • Hyperelastic Membrane with Self Contact
  • 2 Way FSI
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Screw Pump Immersed FSI
  • Drogue Parachute System
  • HFSS of CPU
  • High Power Connector
  • ICEM Mesh Types
  • Maxwell analysis of transformer
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Pre-tensioned bolt
  • Solenoid magentic field analysis

Academic Solutions

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ANSYS, Inc. provides engineering simulation software globally for academic teaching & research applications. The ANSYS Academic Teaching products include entry-level tools intended for class demonstrations and hands-on instruction. The ANSYS Academic Research and ANSYS Academic Associate products provide flexible terms of use & unlimited numerical "headroom" suitable for doctoral and post-doctoral research projects.

CADFEM Ireland offers the full suite of ANSYS Academic Products for teaching and research.

Please stay tuned to our Training and Seminar Calendar, for events that CADFEM host in Dublin and across Ireland and which provide a perfect introduction into the ANSYS Technologies.

For more information on the capabilities of the Products, pricing or any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Academic Product Features

An Overview of ANSYS Academic Products

ANSYS Academic Products


Video Transcription:

In leading Universities (such as Cornell University) and Colleges (for example University of Notre Dame), in elite Science and Engineering Departments (like Equipe Fei Aero Design), in academic research groups, in undergraduate teaching labs around the world - more and more professors, researchers and students are turning to ANSYS for a wide range of academic simulation solutions. More academic users are accomplishing more with ANSYS simulation software. More professors are educating the next generation of scientists and engineers. More researchers are innovating and solving cutting edge challenges.

Because around the world, in the most forward thinking companies (Real-world solution), in the most innovative product designs (Real-world engineering), in the most mission critical applications (Real-world Innovation) (Real- world thinking), ANSYS Software (Real- world leadership) is helping engineers (Real-world success) solve a diverse range of real world challenges.
(Success since 1970)

ANSYS helping to advance the business of Innovation
(ANSYS Academic Solutions)
(Engineering the Future)

Bringing simulation excellence to the world of higher education
Solving Complex Problems
John Abraham
Associate Professor    
University of St. Thomas, United States

"I’m actually solving problems that no one in the world has ever solved - using ANSYS."
Brian Sweetan
Ph.D. Student    
University of Illinois, United States

"The benefit of computational  fluid dynamics software, or finite element analysis software like ANSYS is remarkable."
Gustavo Donato
Professor/Researcher, Mechanical Engineering
FEI University, Brazil

"We use ANSYS for pre-processing, processing and also post-processing in my research efforts."
Rajesh Bhaskaran
Swanson Director of Engineering
Cornell University, United States 

"ANSYS WorkBench can be used not only to teach students how to use something like finite element analysis, or computational fluid dynamics to solve engineering problems - but there’s another way you can use it, which is to teach them the fundamentals."
Haibo Dong
Assistant Professor 
Wright State University, United States
"We use ANSYS for studying the structural properties of the insect wing. You can not  just use your eyes for observing. You have to use some kind of software or computational tools to make sure of the accuracy of your model."
Engaging in the Classroom
"The popularity of the ANSYS tools in our courses is so great that we have been required to offer it in many sections of specific courses." – John Abraham
"In Mechanical and Aerospace engineering in the coming academic year, we are going to be using it ANSYS Software)  in 5 different courses." – Rajesh Bhaskaran
"I think the student’s enthusiasm is the probably the best indicator of the success that we are having integrating ANSYS into the curriculum." – John Abraham

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
“The students were really familiar with the (ANSYS) software in about 2 or 3 days” – Gustavo Donato
“To us, ANSYS has a lot of advantages and graphical user interface"  – Haibo Dong 

Simplifying Solutions
“Both the undergraduate students and the researchers, and also the masters students - they can use the (ANSYS) software in different computers around the university centre.” – Gustavo Donato 
“By pooling (ANSYS) licenses across departments, individual instructors and researchers do get a financial benefit” – Rajesh Bhaskaran 

Transcending the Classroom
“I believe that ANSYS speaks the worldwide language in engineering” – Gustavo Donato (3:00)

Ernesto Casartelli 
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Lucerne University, Switzerland

“ANSYS Software is a more or less a standard for tool machinery applications which we are involved in  and this means we have a good connections with the industry, for the students it is also very attractive.“

"We could easily transfer our students to the industries because most of them use simulation packages like ANSYS and they can play a much more significant role in product development, product verification at the company. “- John Abraham 

Thomas Corke 
Clark Chair Professor in Engineering
Notre Dame University, United States

“The secret has been partnering with industry. We work with Boeing, we work with General Electric, and we work with Bell Helicopter, we work with Honeywell. The enjoyment of this is seeing students go through our program, being successful, as well as we produce something that maybe will make the world a little better."

“If I didn’t have ANSYS in the classroom, I would be solving a lot of differential equations and I would be working really hard to keep student awake during lecture.” – John Abraham 

“So for us the return investment is efficiency and kind of the best product in the end” – Thomas Corke